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Comprehensive Guide to Magnetic Stirrer Prices in Pakistan: Top Brands and Models

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In the realm of laboratory equipment, magnetic stirrers are indispensable tools used for mixing liquids in research and industrial settings. In Pakistan, the demand for high-quality magnetic stirrers is on the rise, with many looking for the best prices and reliable brands. In this detailed guide, we will explore the magnetic stirrer prices in Pakistan, focusing on prominent brands such as Hanna Instruments and JSR. Additionally, we will review specific models available at, including the Hanna HI190M Magnetic Stirrer with Speed Sensor, the JSR JSHS-18A Analog Hotplate Stirrer – 400°C, and the JSR JSHS-18D Digital Hotplate Stirrer – 400°C.

Introduction to Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are devices used to create a rotating magnetic field, which stirs the liquid using a stir bar immersed in the solution. These devices are essential in laboratories for tasks such as mixing chemical solutions, biological media, and other liquid mixtures. The main advantages of magnetic stirrers include their ability to provide a uniform and consistent mixing process, their ease of use, and their low maintenance requirements.

Top Brands of Magnetic Stirrers in Pakistan

Hanna Instruments

Hanna Instruments is a globally recognized brand known for its high-quality laboratory equipment. Their magnetic stirrers are renowned for their durability, precision, and advanced features. In Pakistan, Hanna Instruments offers the HI190M Magnetic Stirrer with Speed Sensor, a model that stands out for its innovative design and reliable performance.


JSR is another reputable brand in the laboratory equipment market, offering a range of magnetic stirrers that cater to various scientific needs. Their models, such as the JSR JSHS-18A Analog Hotplate Stirrer and the JSR JSHS-18D Digital Hotplate Stirrer, are popular in Pakistan for their robust construction and high functionality.

Detailed Review of Available Models

Hanna HI190M Magnetic Stirrer with Speed Sensor

The Hanna HI190M is a compact and efficient magnetic stirrer designed for routine laboratory use. This model features a speed sensor that ensures accurate and consistent stirring speed, making it ideal for sensitive applications. Key features include:

  • Compact Design: The small footprint makes it perfect for laboratories with limited space.
  • Speed Sensor: Guarantees a consistent stirring speed, essential for precise experimental results.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh laboratory environments.

JSR JSHS-18A Analog Hotplate Stirrer – 400°C

The JSR JSHS-18A is an analog hotplate stirrer capable of reaching temperatures up to 400°C. This model is suitable for both heating and stirring tasks, making it versatile for various laboratory applications. Key features include:

  • Analog Controls: Easy-to-use controls for adjusting temperature and stirring speed.
  • High Temperature Capability: Can heat solutions up to 400°C, suitable for demanding applications.
  • Robust Construction: Ensures long-term reliability and durability.

JSR JSHS-18D Digital Hotplate Stirrer – 400°C

The JSR JSHS-18D is a digital version of the JSHS-18A, offering enhanced control and precision. This model features a digital display for accurate temperature and speed settings. Key features include:

  • Digital Display: Provides precise control over temperature and stirring speed.
  • High Temperature Capability: Similar to the analog version, it can heat solutions up to 400°C.
  • Enhanced Precision: Digital controls ensure more accurate and consistent results.

Pricing and Availability

When considering the purchase of a magnetic stirrer in Pakistan, price is a crucial factor. The prices of these devices can vary based on the brand, model, and features. At, you can find competitive prices for high-quality magnetic stirrers. Here’s a breakdown of the prices for the models discussed:

  • Hanna HI190M Magnetic Stirrer with Speed Sensor: Available at a competitive price, ideal for those seeking reliability and precision.
  • JSR JSHS-18A Analog Hotplate Stirrer – 400°C: Priced affordably, offering excellent value for a versatile hotplate stirrer.
  • JSR JSHS-18D Digital Hotplate Stirrer – 400°C: Slightly higher in price compared to the analog version, reflecting its advanced digital features.

To view the latest prices and availability, visit the Magnetic Stirrers and Hot Plates category.

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In summary, finding the right magnetic stirrer for your laboratory in Pakistan involves considering factors such as brand reputation, model features, and pricing. Hanna Instruments and JSR are two leading brands offering high-quality magnetic stirrers that cater to various scientific needs. Models like the Hanna HI190M, JSR JSHS-18A Analog Hotplate Stirrer, and JSR JSHS-18D Digital Hotplate Stirrer are excellent choices available at

For the best deals and a wide selection of magnetic stirrers, visit and explore their comprehensive range of laboratory equipment. Whether you need a basic stirrer for routine tasks or a high-precision model for specialized applications, has you covered.

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