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At Kamadi, we offer a wide range of TDS and Conductivity testers from the most trusted and reliable brands, including Hanna, Mettler Toledo, ADWA, and more. Our testers are perfect for those who require accurate and reliable measurement of TDS and Conductivity levels in various applications. Whether you are looking for a simple handheld tester or a more advanced model, we have the right product to meet your needs. Our prices are unbeatable and we offer free shipping across Pakistan. Trust us for the best products and prices on TDS and Conductivity testers. Shop now and experience the Kamadi difference!

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Customers can easily buy conductivity (EC) or TDS meters from Kamadi for laboratory applications, on-site testing or to control quality of manufacturing in food, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. A conductivity/TDS meter has huge applications in various fields. You need to measure conductivity/TDS of swimming pool water or to control TDS of drinking water, Kamadi has the right product for you. Conductivity meausrement is very essential where water is used as an ingredient. Measuring conductivity in pharmaceutical manufacturing for orals or injectables is very crucial. Other most demanding applications are conductivity meter for fish aquariums, conductivity meter for boilers, conductivity meter for cooling tower, conductivity meter for de-ionized water, conductivity meter for wastewater, conductivity/TDS meter for food, conductivity/TDS for beverages, etc. Customers can buy conductivity/TDS meters from Kamadi Online business & industrial store.

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Customers can select from a wide range of conductivity & TDS meters available at like pen type conductivity meter Hanna HI98303, Hanna HI98308, Hanna HI8733, Hanna HI8734, pen type TDS meters Hanna HI98301 or a combo of conductivity/TDS Hanna HI98129, Hanna HI98311 to name a few. is the largest distributor and stockist of conductivity & TDS meters in Pakistan to meet the whims of its customers.

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Customers can buy Conductivity/EC/TDS meters at attractive prices from At, we make sure that our customers get the best quality of Conductivity/EC/TDS meters at the best prices throughout Pakistan. 

Best Quality & Top Brands of Conductivity & TDS Meters in Pakistan is a one-stop-shop for world’s top brands of conductivity & TDS meters in Pakistan. Kamadi offers selection from some of the world’s best conductivity/TDS meter manufacturers like Hanna Instruments, Hach, Jenway, Horiba, EUTech, Lovibond, Metrohm, Mettler Toledo, Thermo Scientific, etc.

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Why Buy Conductivity & TDS Meters Online at offers Conductivity/TDS meters with great features and functions to select. Conductivity either as a single measuring parameter or in combination with TDS and Temperature are available to select from. When customers need to select the right Conductivity/TDS meter for your defined applications, our Online technical support, product knowledge and after-sales-support makes us the preferred choice. If you are looking for a small pen type conductivity/TDS meter which can fit easily in pocket Hanna Dist series is best to select. If you need a more reliable reading with great performance in portable handheld conductivity/TDS meter, select Hanna HI8734 or from other models. Kamadi offers coductivity meters with high measuring ranges and high resolutions with high accuracy. Browse to select from a huge range of conductivity/EC/TDS meters. Kamadi manages to deliver products throughout Pakistan safely and with the shortest delivery time.