Aqualat Anthracite Coal Filter Media

Aqualat anthracite filtration media is a selected coal mined and processed for water treatment applications. One of the most common application is removal of turbidity and silt.
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Aqualat anthracite has wide applications and is mostly used for;

  • Removal of suspended solids
  • Condensate filtration
  • Protection of coal filters, ion exchange resins and RO membranes
  • Filtration of reverse cycles
  • Filtration of coagulated water
  • Filtration of turbid well, spring, surface and artesian water
  • Filtration of waste water
  • Filtration of swimming pool water

Specifications of Aqualat Anthracite Coal Filter Media

Grain Size
Grain Size (mm) 0.6-1.6, 1.4-2.5, 2.0-4.0
Chemical Composition
Carbon Approx. 92.0%
Ash Content Not more 5.0%
Sulfer Content Not more 1.0%
Moisture Content Not more 3%
Physical Characteristics
Acid Solubility Not more 1.0%
Content of Main Grain Size Not Less 90%
Volatile Matter Not more 3.5%
Density 1,600 kg/m³
Bulk Density Approx. 900 kg/m³
Attrition Loss Not more 0.3%
Refinability Not more 3.0%
Hardness 4 Mohs
Quantity per Bag (Kg) 22.5
Volume per Bag (litres) 25