Motor Driven Dosing Pumps

Are you looking for motor-driven diaphragm dosing pumps for high flow rates and at nominal operating pressures? offers a huge range of motor-driven dosing pumps that are robust, reliable and efficient to run in any environment and for wide applications. Motor-driven pumps are perfect for chemical dosing in water and wastewater treatment facilities, industrial processes, agriculture and many more. These pumps reliably inject chemicals such as ferric chloride, aluminium sulfate, sodium hydroxide, alkalis, polymers, acids, anti-scaling and anti-foaming agents and many more for coagulation/flocculation, slurry treatment, pH control and adjustment and desalination. 

Dosing Pumps for Power Generation/Utilities in Pakistan

Improper chemical dosage to cooling towers can lead to unplanned downtime. For power generation plants, this is not an option. Proper chemical dosage assures effective and reliable treatment, allowing for maximum uptime of cooling towers and boilers and reduced operational costs. offers a wide range of motorized dosing pumps to address these issues from SEKO Pumps, Milton Roy Pumps, LMI Dosing Pumps, Prominent Dosing pumps, Grundfos Dosing Pumps, etc.

Chemical Dosing Pumps for Process Water in Pakistan

In manufacturing processes, accurate dosing of chemicals helps remove dissolved minerals and other impurities, increasing overall water quality.

Chemical Dosing Pumps for Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants in Pakistan

Water is treated in numerous ways from removing solid material like sludge and sedimentation to dissolving suspended organic materials and disinfecting water by killing disease-causing micro-organisms. Each process involves a series of steps: pH control and various measures for taste and odour control. Each step requires dosing of chemicals that are used in different combinations until the desired water standard has been achieved. offers very reliable and efficient solutions for dosing different chemicals to achieve the desired results.

Where to buy LMI Dosing Pumps in Pakistan

Milton Roy or LMI dosing pumps recognized for excellence around the world, manufactures an extensive line of dosing pumps, controllers, and accessories to provide water treatment professionals accurate and reliable results. offers a wide range of LMI dosing pumps according to specific applications, flow rates and pressures. LMI electronic and motor-driven pumps are available for flow proportional applications and optional liquid handling configurations to handle slurries and high viscosity chemicals.