Chemical Dosing Pumps

Chemical dosing pumps are positive displacement pumps which draw a measured amount of liquids into their chamber and inject into a process. Dosing pumps are also termed as Metering Pumps. Technically, dosing pumps can be classified into four types i.e. electromagnetic diaphragm dosing pumps, hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps, plunger dosing pumps and peristaltic dosing pumps. 

AQUA HC150 Solenoid Driven Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Invikta KCL632 Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Invikta KCL633 Chemical Dosing Pump
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Etatron PKX 05-05 MA/A Chemical Dosing Pump
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AQUA HC100 Solenoid Driven Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Kompact AML200NPE Dosing Pump PE Head
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Hanna BL5 Blackstone Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Kompact AML200NHH Dosing Pump PVDF Head
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SEKO Tekna AKL603NHP Chemical Dosing Pump
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Etatron DLXB 08-10 MA/AD Chemical Dosing Pump PVDF Head
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SEKO Tekna AKL800NHP Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Tekna AKL603NHH Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Tekna AKL600NHP Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Tekna AKL600NHH Chemical Dosing Pump
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SEKO Tekna AKL800NHH Chemical Dosing Pump
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Whether you are looking for digital or analogue chemical dosing pumps, password protected dosing pumps and proportional dosing pumps for industrial applications, Kamadi offers chemical dosing pump best price in Pakistan with a wide range of top brands SEKO dosing pumps, Etatron dosing pumps, Prominent dosing pumps, LMI dosing pumps, Hanna dosing pumps, Pulsafeeder dosing pumps, IWAKI dosing pumps and Aqua dosing pumps. 

Dosing Pumps Price in Pakistan

Chemical dosing pumps have different drives to operate like Solenoid Driven dosing pumps, Motor Driven dosing pumps and Pneumatic dosing pumps. Solenoid dosing pumps are the most common with multiple applications in water treatment and process. Motorized dosing pumps are mostly used where high flow rates and high pressures are required. Pneumatic pumps or air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps are used where safety is more concerned. 

Where to Buy Chemical Dosing Pumps in Pakistan?

For best price of dosing pumps in Pakistan, Kamadi stocks all major brands of pumps. Kamadi is committed to deliver dosing pumps throughout Pakistan with quick deliveries in all major cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Gujrat, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, etc. To ensure a long-life and trouble free operation, Kamadi maintains a maximum range of spare parts of dosing pumps in Pakistan. 

Chemical Dosing Pumps Applications in Pakistan

Kamadi offers chemical dosing pumps for highly aggressive and corrosive chemicals, strong acids, alkalis, food additives, food grade chemicals, etc. For typical applications like acid dosing pumps, chlorine dosing pumps, hypochlorite dosing pumps, antiscalant dosing pumps, caustic dosing pumps in Pakistan, Kamadi is the best choice.

Where to buy SEKO dosing Pumps in Pakistan? is the largest stockiest of SEKO dosing pumps in Pakistan. You need SEKO solenoid driven dosing pumps or motorized dosing pumps with a witde range of material construction like PVDF, Stainless Steel SS316, Polypropylene, etc. or need different seals or seat balls to select according to chemical.