Hanna Instruments in Pakistan

Hanna has being a world leader in innovation of analytical innovation. Hanna's research and development department constantlly challenge themselves to invent new testing techniques and to advance exisiting technologies. The minds at Hanna work to achieve the common goal of simplifying analytical testing throughimproving instrumentation,sensor development,reagents and chemicals.

Hanna Testers

Hanna have easy to read LCDs and durable outer casings. These are able to measure in places with a high percentage of humidity and low power demand allows a long battery life, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement. Hanna testers are easy to handle and carry either in a pocket, that's why offently also known as pocket testers. Kamadi offers Hanna testers for various parameters including pH testers, conductivity testers, ORP testers, salinity & water purity testers and temperature. Various COMBO testers pH/TDS, pH/EC, pH/ORP, pH/EC/TDS, etc. are also available in Pakistan.