Hanna HI839800 COD Test Tube Heater

Hanna HI839800 COD Test Tube Heater is an easy to use thermoreactor constructed of durable materials. The aluminum block incorporates a 25 vial capacity and a well for a reference temperature probe. Its well-marked user interface provides intuitive operation, equipped with two arrows to set the built-in timer and a temperature button with two predefined temperature settings: 150?C and 105?C. Additional features include status indicator lights, a thermal fuse to prevent overheating, and continuous LCD display.
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to 160°C
  • Capacity: 25 Vials
Manufacturer: Hanna Instruments, Inc.
Product Code: 811410149
Brand: HANNA
Warranty: 01 Year
Product Documents
Availability: On Order Only

Hanna HI839800 COD Test Tube Heater features two predefined temperature profiles: 150?C and 105?C. Digestions for chemical oxygen (COD) and total phosphorus are conducted at 150?C, while total nitrogen digestions are conducted at 105?C. The test tube heater automatically heats up to the set temperature, holding it until the countdown timer has finished. Once the timer has ended, a beep will sound and the heating element will turn off. The outer casing of the HI839800 remains cool to the touch, even during a timed digestion. An optional lab safety shield and test tube cooling rack provide a complete setup for sample digestions.

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