Etatron DLXB 08-10 MA/AD Chemical Dosing Pump

Etatron DLX 8-10 MA/AD Chemical Dosing pump is a proven PTFE diaphragm type Solenoid Metering Pump that distinguishes itself with having a wide range of control options. Since its launch the DLX pump range has given proven reliability and quality. It is the ideal solution for many chemical dosing applications where moderate flow rate is required with counter pressures up to 10 Bar (145 PSI).
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Brand: Etatron
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Etatron DLX 08-10 MA/AD chemical dosing pump is activated by a PTFE diaphragm mounted on a piston of an electromagnet. When the piston of the electromagnet is attracted, a pressure is produced in the pump body with an expulsion of liquid from the discharge valve. After each pump pulse is finished a spring brings the piston back to the initial position, with a recall of liquid through the suction valve. The operation is simple the pump does not need lubrication, therefore maintenance is reduced almost to zero. Etatron DLX 08-10 MA/AD chemical dosing pump is an analogical dosing pump, manual flow rate adjustment from 0?100% through front pump potentiometer. 100% corresponds to the maximum stroke frequency, i.e. 120 strokes/min. Stroking rate gives a very high rate of reproducible metering accuracy.

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Specifications of Etatron DLXB 08-10 MA/AD Chemical Dosing Pump

General Specifications
Brand Etatron
Manufacturer Etatron D.S.
Origin Italy
Series DLXB
Model Number DLXB 08-10 MA/AD
Warranty Conditions Manufacturing Fault
Technical Specifications
Flow Rate 8 lt/hr
Operating Pressure 10 bar
Stroke Rate 120 pm
Injection Volume 1.11 cc
Construction of Pump
Pump Head PVDF
Diaphragm PTFE
Installation Kit PVDF
Tube Dimensions (ID x OD) 4 x 6 (mm)